Focus Comic Loves Glendale AZ : Free Celebrity Voice Acting Class with Tony Todd

Focus comics features one of the worlds first autistic super heroes. We are proud to serve autistic and special needs kids/youth by offering autistic and special needs kids free, unique life enriching experiences that they cannot get else where.

On Friday, our Focus comic creator Yvonne Wan, hosted a free Celebrity voice acting workshop with industry veteran Tony Todd as their special guest. Tony Todd is known for his role in Candy man, the voice of zoom in the Flash ,the voice of Venom, and Focus in Focus Comics. The kids were super excited to meet one of their favorite role models within the entertainment industry.

Our students learned about the relationship between comics, animation and movies. Our students also learned valuable voice acting techniques, gained some general career advice and was granted a special Q&A session with Mr Todd.

Check out the highlights film:

Many thanks to Tony Todd for sharing his love and passion for the arts with our students. He is an inspiration to the kids.

Check out Conners and Cailys experience of the voice acting class:

This Focus comic loves Glendale: free celebrity voice acting workshop is funded by a Performing arts grant from the City of Glendale. We are grateful to the City of Glendale for supporting young autistic and special needs talent within the community and recognizing the importance of promoting a culture of neuro-inclusion within society.