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Focus is an Autistic Super Hero. Order the action adventure comic today.

Focus Comic Community Outreach Event at Samurai Comics in Mesa

Focus comic will be having a community outreach event, and signing event at Samurai Comics in Mesa. Focus comic features an autistic super hero, art by professionals including interns with autism. The event takes place Thursday 30 May at 5pm to 7pm. Please come to support us! We will have a community coloring competition and there will be cool prizes.… Read more →

Silent auction

Check out the following pieces of art available for silent auction. All items are original art pieces. All proceeds will be used towards the Focus project. Please visit our ‘About’ page to learn more about the Focus project. The silent auction ends June 30th at noon. Payment will need to be made on the 30th June 2019. If you are… Read more →

Heroes without Capes

Thank you to all the celebrities who support Focus comic, autism awareness and acceptance. Our mission is to entertain readers and maintain dignity for individuals on the spectrum, by removing the stigma associated with autism. Thank you to all the celebrities who are using their voice for social good. I would also like to give a special thanks to ACE Comic Con; FanX Salt… Read more →

Focus Community outreach at Samurai Comic Store in Phoenix a success

We had a successful community outreach event at Samurai Comic Store in Phoenix. Thank you to everyone who came out to support our social cause project and comic. Thank you to everyone who participated in the community coloring competition, and thank you to Blick Art for providing prizes. The comic is now available to purchase at Samurai comic stores in… Read more →

Teacher Appreciation Week

In honor of teacher appreciation week we give special thanks to Douglas Hebert, who is a professional comic artist; certified art teacher, and the Focus Comic internship coach for our interns with autism. He is a super art teacher inspiring kids to fulfill their creative potential. We would also like to thank all the teachers and educators out there for… Read more →

Community Outreach at FanX Comic Con at Salt Lake City, Utah a great success

Focus Comic had a successful community outreach event at FanX comic con at Salt Lake City, Utah where the creator Yvonne Wan; main artist Douglas Hebert and Good will ambassador Tony Todd engaged with the public and provided free art workshops for kids and young adults. The purpose of our visit was to promote Focus comic which features an autistic… Read more →

Roger Clark of Red Dead Redemption 2 interview on Focus comic and autism awareness

Thank you Roger Clark who plays Arthur Morgan of Red dead redemption 2 for supporting Focus Comic and autism awareness at Fanx. Focus comic features an autistic super hero, art by professional artists, and interns with autism. Autism affects more people than you may realize, including friends, families and neighbors – people we love and care about. Did you know… Read more →