Honoring Rebecca Lam, Registered Nurse Hero

This week we honored hero Rebecca Lam, registered nurse for her service at our Focus Comic free art camp. Nurses are everyday heroes, working tirelessly to bring care and connection to patients. As the trusted professionals we look to during our most vulnerable times, nurses bring compassion to patient bedsides. Every day, in communities across our nation, nurses perform heroic work, often at great risk to themselves, to care for patients with a highly contagious illness.

We are honored to have Rebecca as our inspirational guest speaker this week about the hero work that nurses perform across the nation and gain a glimpse of the world she lives in as a registered nurse. Our students had a Q&A session, and honored Rebecca by drawing her as a comic character model. Rebecca Lam, is also a mother to an autistic daughter who is a valued member of our free art camp for autistic kids. Rebecca, we respect, admire the work that you do, for your selflessness, kindness and for having an enormous heart for others. We love you to! Check out Rebecca’s story, our students art and presentations. 

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Yvonne Wan honored Rebecca with an original Sumi painting using Yatsutomo ink and rice paper as a gift.