Focus™ Comic is an award winning superhero comic book. We have one issue of Focus  in multiple languages. It features one of the world’s first autistic heroes, art work by professional artists including autistic / special needs interns. The comic is part of a social cause initiative in maintaining dignity for autistic individuals by removing the stigma. We run different free art programs in Arizona including a free weekly art camp for students in the format of free zoom classes and online art tutorials. We also organize in person graduation events to celebrate our students accomplishments. Our free art programs serve over 100 children each year, provide life enriching opportunities and experiences that autistic and special needs kids cannot get elsewhere. 

We champion kids with autism and special needs by helping them focus on what they can do instead of what they cant do. We help autistic and special needs individuals fulfill their creative potential and help them thrive and live life abundantly. We promote inclusion, diversity and equity.  We are one of the first in the comic industry to launch a prestigious Artist of the Year Award Ceremony for Autistic and Special needs kids. We remove barriers for autistic and special needs individuals in finding work within the creative industry through our internship programs and community outreach events.

Autism awareness and acceptance is important. It affects 1 in 36 kids according to the cdc (2021). One in 5 people are neurodivergent. 85% of autistic individuals with a college education are unemployed. Autistic and special needs individuals deserve fair opportunities to contribute in society in meaningful ways. More needs to be done to remove systemic inequities in society that get in the way of autistic individuals leading happy and productive lives in society. More needs to be done to remove the stigma associated with autism to improve social mobility for underrepresented individuals with autism and special needs / disabilities.

The social cause project is founded and created by Yvonne Wan (A Social Cultural Anthropologist, Award Winning Comic Creator and Artist). We are supporters of the arts. We promote neuro-inclusion.

Our helpers include a certified art teacher (Award winning comic artist Douglas Hebert), a Certified social cultural anthropologist,  award winning professional artists, Certified Special Education (Theresa Deacon), American Sign Language interpretors and psychology teachers.

Our students enjoy participating in our free art camp. Here is one of our recent graduation events where Sergeant Brideau from the US Air Force was invited to present the certificates and prizes to the children:

Our project has received letters of support from world leaders including the late Queen plus King Charles; Prince and Princess of Wales and President Biden.

Please support us in any way you can. Thank you.

Yvonne Wan is the sole creator of Focus comic.
Film Ethnographer LLC owns full rights to Focus comic.
501c 3 Fiscal sponsor: Arizona Ghostbusters Inc