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Focus Comic Outdoor Poster Campaign launches in the UK in time for Autism Awareness Month

I am pleased to announce that our first Focus Comic outdoors poster campaign has launched in the United Kingdom in time for #AutismAwareness month. The artwork here is of Focus unmasking himself (Tony Todd is the official voice of Focus). Pencil art by Yvonne Wan, and colored by Luis Guerrero. The poster mirrors one of the variant covers, and credits… Read more →

The importance of supporting the arts and how it enriches the lives of individuals; families and communities; especially those on the autism spectrum.

Art plays an important role in all societies. It is a powerful way of communication; expression, education and storytelling. It cuts through barriers of language, class and culture. A picture is worth a thousand words.  Art captivates, inspires and influences others, moves people intellectually and emotionally. It engages people to discuss issues that are often overlooked, misunderstood, misrepresented and misapprehended.… Read more →

Community Outreach at Ace Comic Con Arizona a great success

Focus Comic had a successful community outreach event at Ace Comic Con Arizona where the creator Yvonne Wan; main artist Douglas Hebert and Gaby Tyrrell (TV presenter with autism) met the general public and provided free art workshops for kids and young adults. Thank you Ace Comic Con for consistently supporting us by providing us a platform to reach a… Read more →

Focus Gives Back to the Community

Earlier this year Focus Comic donated 118 comics to autistic kids at the Judson Center (which was founded in 1924 as a Childrens Home). Thank you Douglas Hebert for delivering the Focus books personally to the kids and families in need of an autistic super hero. Douglas Hebert is the main artist and internship coach for interns with autism. Doug and Yvonne Wan (the… Read more →

Heroes Without Capes – Celebrities

#HeroesWithoutCapes Thank you to all the following celebrities for supporting Focus Comic and #autismawareness: Tony Todd; Kevin Sorbo, Kevin R. McNally, Gail Kim; John Wesley Shipp; Sam J Jones; Melody Anderson; Ming Chen Comic Book Men, David J. Fielding – Zordon; Johnny Yong Bosch, Lisa Marie Varon; Randy Rogel; Sonny Strait; Sean Schemmel; Cynthia Cranz; Kathryn Leigh Scott; Jesse Kove… Read more →

Focus Comic to attend Ace Comic-Con Chicago with Tom Hiddleston and other celebrities

Join Focus Comic and learn more about our autistic superhero at Ace comicon in Chicago Oct 12 13 14. We will be giving away cool prizes at our Focus table! Please find us! We will be attending the event with #tomhiddleston #chrisevans #doncheadle #elizabetholsen #leepace #zaziebeetz #tomellis #karengillan #mattsmith #bellatwins #sethrollins #alexabliss #liliangarcia  Read more →

Focus Comic – Variant Cover H – Line Art by Yvonne Wan – Colored by Luis Guerrero

  We are proud to announce that we are now officially releasing  all 16 covers (1 main cover and 15 variant covers) of Focus Comic for online purchase. There are 3 variant covers featuring Focus comic’s good will ambassador Tony Todd. Tony Todd is most famously know for his role in many movies including The Candy Man, The Flash, X… Read more →

Focus Comic – Variant Cover D – Line Art by Malekith George who has Autism – Colored by Paul Mounts

  We are proud to announce that we are now officially releasing  all 16 covers (1 main cover and 15 variant covers) of Focus Comic for online purchase. This is variant cover D featuring line art by Malekith George, our Focus Comic art intern who has autism. Coaching by certified art teacher Douglas Hebert. Colored by legendary Paul Mounts who… Read more →