Focus Comic International Book Launch Event

Matthew Goebel, our 11 year old autistic intern was proud to attend his book launch event at Samurai comics. He was was proud to see his art work published on his own variant cover.

Focus comic features one of the worlds first autistic super heroes, art by professionals, plus autistic interns. There is a story featuring professional art, plus a community section for young autistic interns.

Synopsis of comic:

This action adventure hero comic book is based in Arizona, USA and The Forbidden City in China. Focus, one of the world’s first autistic superheroes joins the Secret Lineage, an affiliate superhero team. Together, they save the world from total destruction from evil zombies and spirits during the Hungry Ghost Festival in China. The story explores Chinese mythology, including the Nine sons of the Dragon and the Nine-dragon wall which is a spirit wall in the Imperial Palace In China. See the superheroes and the Terracotta Army Spirits in full action in this book as we get to meet Focus for the first time in this first edition book!

We are excited to announce that Focus comic is now available in English, French, Chinese and German. The German issue is the latest translation available in print format. The digital format will be available soon.

We recommend you buy both the English and German language issue together so you can appreciate the artwork and story.

Here are the latest German covers. The main cover is by Douglas Hebert and Yvonne Wan. The variant covers are by our autistic interns Hunter Campos, Emmett Sturtz and Matthew Goebel.