Focus comic free art camp – Week 131 – Starry Night Anime style class

We are 131 weeks into running our Free Focus comic art camp for autistic and special needs kids.

This week, we had the pleasure of teaching our autistic and special needs students how to create a starry night mixed media painting by drawing influences from Japanese Anime.

We studied beautiful art by various anime artists during class, and watched our creator Yvonne Wan demonstrate how to apply different techniques using different mediums to create beautiful works of art of the night sky and cityscape in the background.

Our students enjoyed using the complimentary Winsor Newton water colors and paper that was supplied to them as gifts.

Our students were encouraged to choose colors that resonated with their mood, and add stars, shooting stars and a moon if they wanted to to add special effects and energy into their art.

We had 12 students this week. Our students had fun. They look forward to the next class.

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