Focus International Book & Trading Card Launch Event

On Friday 24th January 2020, Focus celebrated the publication of art by our interns with autism in association with the International issue of Focus in Chinese, and special trading card set. The event took place at Desert Dragon Pottery art Studio in Phoenix.

Focus comic is available in English, French and Chinese.

Yvonne Wan, the Creator, Author and artist of Focus, was excited to show off the main cover of Focus featuring a picture of Focus (one of the world’s first autistic super heroes) without his mask on. This picture shows Focus as a human being. Legendary Paul Mounts, the Spiderman colorist colored the cover.

Our Comic intern for the Chinese issue (Jett who is 9 years old) was excited to see his art work printed on a variant cover. Jett loves Focus, as he identifies with Focus the autistic super hero. Yvonne Wan and Douglas Hebert coached Jett as part of the art internship program. Douglas Hebert inked Jetts art and Legendary Paul Mounts known for working on Spiderman colored it. Jett also drew a 4 panel comic strip on the community page on the back of the comic. Yvonne Wan inked and colored Jetts art on the community page. Jett was also excited to see his art on a trading card.

Trading card interns Charlie Machinot, Blaze Fernandez and Michael Guardado also celebrated the publication of their art that day with the release of Focus trading cards featuring their art. Yvonne and Doug provided the coaching. Yvonne also inked and colored the kids art digitally. Congratulations to our students!

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