Contributor Spotlight – Sarah Christina

Many thanks to Sarah Christina for being a contributing colorist for Focus Comic which features an #autisticsuperhero and #autistic talent. Sarah did a wonderful job by coloring 4 of Douglas A Hebert’s panels with lucid colors. Here is a panel that Sarah colored within Focus comic. It is a first person perspective from Focus, as he notices irregular seismic data off his live data feed through his in-built visor. Sarah loves experimenting with different lighting effects and does a cool interpretation of Focus light bending suit within the comic. She is known for working on Tomb Raider. If you are interested in seeing Sarah’s contribution, please check out page 8, panels 1-4. Please support Sarah’s and Douglas A Hebert’s art in our pursuit in promoting greater #autistic representation in the comic industry, #autismawareness and acceptance in society.

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