Contributor Spotlight – Luis Guerrero

Many thanks to Luis Guerrero for being a contributing colorist for Focus Comic which features an #autisticsuperhero and #autistic talent. Luis is famous for working on DC Comics such as The Flash. Luis contribution and dedication to this social cause project has to be commended. Luis contributed a total of 22 panels for Focus comic. Each panel is colored with amazing realism and detail. Luis delivered fantastic creative work. It is evident that he loves his profession. Luis Guerrero has a big heart towards important social causes, including autism awareness. He believes community is important and that it is possible to inspire hope through our actions. If you are interested in seeing Luis Guerrero’s contribution, please check out pages 9-11, and 23 in Focus Comic. Luis had the privilege of coloring the last page of the book where Focus unmasks himself! It was a big privilege to have Luis color my art and I have to say that he did a great job bringing the art alive with his amazing colors. He is especially talented in rendering the elasticity of skin tones to give a real visual experience. Please support Luis Guerrero and my art in our pursuit in promoting greater #autistic representation in the comic industry, #autismawareness and acceptance in society.

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