Contributor Spotlight – Jim Boswell

Many thanks to Jim Boswell for being a contributing colorist for Focus Comic which features an #autisticsuperhero and #autistic talent. #autismawareness is an issue that is close to Jim’s heart as he has a little 5 year old niece who is autistic. Jim understands that it is not easy for any young child to be rejected by society. Jim believes it is a privilege to help artists who are extremely talented and underrepresented in the comic industry to succeed in life. He wants to be part of the world’s solution in embracing diversity by raising autism awareness through our project. If you would like to check out Jim’s contribution, please check out pages 12, 14, 18 & 21. He colored 13 panels within the 24 page comic. Jim Boswell is known for working on Starship Troopers; Kick and #ProjectLuna. Please support Jim Boswell’s and Tabidi Elkhalil’s art in our pursuit in promoting greater #autistic representation in the comic industry, #autismawareness and acceptance in society.

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