U.S. Marine Corps: Hero of the Year Award: Sergeant Francisco Acosta

Focus Comics champions autistic and special needs kids, super heroes and local heroes. We are proud to announce that Sergeant Francisco Acosta, has been selected for this years Hero of the Year Award (2024), within the U.S. Marine Corps category. We look forward to presenting him with our Focus Comics Hero of the year award Trophy on 27th April 2024 at our venue : Samurai comics store in Glendale at 10am. Francisco will be one of our guest speakers that day along side other honorable heroes in the community.

Our Focus comic autistic and special needs students look forward to meeting Francisco, and our local heroes at their military vehicle art graduation event in celebration of Autism acceptance month. Our hope is to include as many local heroes in our students class photo for 2024.

U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant Francisco Acosta grew up in New Mexico alongside his older sister Sara, who has Down syndrome. This deeply influenced his perspective on others. With his mother also working at a child development center and frequently bringing the children to their home for play dates, Acosta frequently engaged with children of diverse abilities. This fostered his current belief that everyone is fundamentally equal, regardless of differences.

Acosta enlisted in the Marine Corps on August 21, 2017, specializing as an infantry machine gunner (0331). Throughout his career, he completed two deployments: one to Japan and Korea in 2018-19, and another as part of a special operations task force in the Philippines in 2019. Following his deployments, he served as a combat instructor at an officer candidate school. In 2023, Acosta was assigned to Marine Corps Recruiting Station Phoenix, Arizona, where he currently serves as a canvassing recruiter.

“The Focus Comics Hero awards is a celebration honoring local heroes for their courage; sacrifice, selfless service, patriotism, compassion and leadership. It is an honor to present this award to Sergeant Francisco Acosta for embodying the values and ideals of the nation. Our Focus Comic autistic and special needs students look forward to meeting Francisco in person. We want him and as many local heroes in our Class of 2024 photo. Focus Comics are proud to champion young autistic talent, super heroes and local heroes.” Yvonne Wan, Focus Comic Creator. Social Cultural Anthropologist.