US Fire Service: Hero of the Year Award: Chris Snow

Focus Comics champions autistic and special needs kids, super heroes and local heroes. We are proud to announce that Chris Snow, Deputy Chief, C Shift Battalion 272 Commander (Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department) has been selected for this years Hero of the Year Award (2024), within the US Fire Service category. We look forward to presenting him with our Focus Comics Hero of the year award Trophy on 27th April 2024 at our venue : Samurai comics store in Glendale at 10am. Chris will be one of our guest speakers that day along side other honorable heroes in the community.

Our Focus comic autistic and special needs students look forward to meeting Chris, and our local heroes at their military vehicle art graduation event in celebration of Autism acceptance month. Our hope is to include as many local heroes in our students class photo for 2024.

“I was hired on with Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department in 2008. I was able to promote to captain in 2015 followed by Promoting to deputy chief in 2017. I am sitting as the interim Assistant chief as of 2023. I work closely with the community to promote of our cities value of diversity amongst the department to help fully serve the needs of all individuals within our community. I also sit as the vice president with the city of Tempe’s TBEA organization as well as work closely with F.I.T. (fulfillment in training) which helps bring the community into direct contact and communication with first responders. I was able to help with Yvonne Wan last year and forge a relationship that has allowed the fire department to come into direct contact with her students and help enrich their lives by connecting with first responders. It has been an honor to work with her and her organization and I look forward to many more years of collaboration.” Chris Snow.

“The Focus Comics Hero awards is a celebration honoring local heroes for their courage; sacrifice, selfless service, patriotism, compassion and leadership. It is an honor to present this award to Chris for embodying the values and ideals of the nation. Our Focus Comic graduates look forward to meeting Chris in person. We want him and as many local heroes in our Class of 2024 photo. Focus Comics are proud to champion young autistic talent, super heroes and local heroes.” Yvonne Wan, Focus Comic Creator. Social Cultural Anthropologist.