Focus comic free art camp week 36 – Inking Focus celebrating Christmas with his reindeer and snowman friends

We are pleased to share our latest free art remote class. We are 36 weeks into our free art camp for special needs kids. This week, we are teaching kids how to ink Focus the autistic super hero celebrating Christmas with his reindeer and snowman friends. In this class you will learn about inking techniques such as hatching and curved hatching. You will also learn about techniques in creating depth such as using thick and thin lines, and how to use the ruler more for sharp edges.

Many thanks to Yvonne Wan, for leading the class this week, and for Douglas Heberts help in teaching also. Many thanks to Yvonne Wan for filming and editing the class.

What you will need for this class: A pencil sketch from last weeks class. Ink pens. Eraser.

The class activity is 40 minutes.

The online art tutorial is completely free courtesy of If you appreciate the free public service we are offering, please feel free to order a copy of Focus comic on this website, or purchase some of our merchandize or gift a donation to us. Your support will help us continue our good works in supporting special needs kids in our community.

This weeks zoom class with Cirdan and Eli, our new Focus comic interns with autism.

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