Contributor Spotlight – Legendary Paul Mounts

Many thanks to legendary Paul Mounts (The official colorist for Spider-Man) for being a contributing colorist for Focus Comic which features an #autisticsuperhero and #autistic talent. Thank you Paul for transforming our autistic super hero into a spectacular exhibit of light and energy in issue one. Paul Mounts is one of the industry’s finest colorists. He is able to use color in a powerful way that can shift peoples moods and perception of things by illuminating line art in a creative way. It was a huge privilege to have him support our #autismawareness campaign to help autistic kids feel more accepted in society and in the playgrounds. He hopes this comic will reduce bullying, greater appreciation for diversity; promote team work, kindness and community. Paul Mounts is a wonderful person to work with; always reliable and dedicated to delivering great work. We thank him for giving hope to many autistic families out there affected by autism. Paul has such a giving heart and should be commended for helping us with the opening scenes of the book and the main cover for Focus. If you would like to check out Paul’s contribution, please check out Pages 1-5, a total of 16 panels. He colored line art by Douglas A Hebert, Yvonne Wan and our autistic intern Malekith. Please support Paul Mounts’ Douglas A Hebert Yvonne Wan and Malekith’s art in our pursuit in promoting greater #autistic representation in the comic industry, #autismawareness and acceptance in society.

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