Autism awareness Internship Program

We had some great Focus Comic internship coaching sessions over the weekend for the community page with our interns. The internship program is lead by Yvonne Wan sole creator of Focus / certified social cultural anthropologist and Douglas Hebert, certified art teacher and main artist. We have 2 interns on our program whose lives we are hoping to transform. Malekith is 12, our youngest intern who is autistic. Please check out the film we made with a short message from him to everyone. 21 year old Autistic artist Tabidi is currently getting his inked art colored by Yvonne. Many thanks to the contributors and supporters of this social cause campaign. It means a lot to Yvonne and the autistic families out there that we are making this happen for the autistic community. This social cause campaign represents hope to many autistic families who are part of our community. Please pre order the comic.


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