World Book Day: Best cosplay kids with autism

Rian, age 7

It’s world book day and Focus comic are celebrating by sharing some of the best cosplays on World book day 2020, starring super cute autistic kids. Hit like and share on our Focus comic Facebook page if you love these pictures. Pictures submitted by super creative mums who love to have fun!

Did anyone dress their kids up as Focus the autistic super hero from Focus comic this year? Send us your pictures!

Paisley, age 3
Connor, age 3
Kal, age 2
Archie, Age 6
Ryan, age 4
Nathan Barber, age 4
Lucas Lister, age 4
Jack, age 4
Alex, age 4
Kyan, age 8
Maia -Rose age 7
Havana Rosa age 4

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