Focus Loves Glendale: Free online 3 week 80s style military art program for autistic and special needs kids

Name of Art program: Focus Loves Glendale: 3 Week 80s style Military art program

We are proud to announce that we are launching a free 3 week online military art program for autistic and special needs kids and youth. You can just participate in one class or all 5. Learn how to draw Focus the autistic super hero, and the U.S military adventures 80’s style!

Teaching Artist on this program: Yvonne Wan (Focus comic creator); Douglas Hebert (Certified Art teacher) and Theresa Deacon (Special Education teacher).

The free art program will commence November 19 – December 7th 2022 on Zoom. Students who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate of achievement featuring their art that resembles a Focus comic cover, and gifts.

Staff sergeant Miguel Orozzo of the United States marines has been invited as a special guest to present the certificates of achievements to our graduates at an in person event on Saturday December 10th at 10am at Samurai Comics Store in Glendale. We will take a class of 2022 photo with our teachers and special guest in uniform. Staff Sergeant Orozzo will also teach the kids how to salute for fun!

This program is for Autistic and Special needs kids and youth between the ages of 6-17, who reside, study or receive therapy in Glendale Arizona.

Classes are 40 minutes each. Scans are due the next day so the teacher can track the students performance and for us to be able to create the custom certificate of achievement for the student. The art work will be exhibited online.

Art supplies needed for the program: Paper, Pencil, long and short ruler, eraser, black marker, coloring pencil or coloring markers.

This 3 week ‘Focus loves Glendale: Focus and The US Military’ art program is funded by City of Glendale performing arts grant.