Focus Loves Arizona 2021 Graduation Ceremony – Group A

Congratulations to our students for graduating from Focus Comic Loves Arizona Class of 2021 Group A. Our students graduated with 5 stars on the program and received a certificate of achievement featuring their art of themselves as a super hero along side Focus and a villain. Our creator Yvonne Wan colored our students art professionally in a way that made the certificate of achievement resemble a comic cover. This is like a dream come true for some comic fans. Yvonne also colored our students 2 point perspective Phoenix Corporate Center building as a bonus rewards for our students.

We are proud to champion autistic and special needs talent. This program helped our students gain positive self perception by encouraging our students to perceive themselves as super heroes. It has been rewarding to see our students develop their artistry and self confidence on the program.

Check out our students art:

This 5 week ‘Focus loves Arizona’ art program is funded by an Arizona Commission on the Arts grant.