Focus Comic Winter Festival Artist of the Year Winners

Pencils, inks and colors by Focus comic creator Yvonne Wan

Our Focus Comic free winter festival for autistic and special needs kids was a success. Many thanks to celebrity Kevin McNally (from Pirates of the Caribbean and Dr Who) , Yvonne Wan (Focus comic creator, writer and art teacher) and Douglas Hebert (comic artist and certified art teacher) for teaching the kids during the two day event.

The two day winter festival included free comic art workshops on how to draw Focus the autistic super hero and friends. Our students learned new techniques in pencilling, inking and coloring. Our students also learned how to talk like a pirate by participating in the free voice acting workshops with presenter Yvonne Wan and Hollywood actor Kevin McNally from Pirates of the Caribbean and Dr Who.

Click here to watch the highlights film:

Focus comic are proud to be one of the first in the Comic industry to launch a prestigious artist of the year awards for autistic and special needs kids.

This year we gave away three Focus comic Artist of the Year trophies designed by creator Yvonne Wan and made by Showcase Plastics.

Congratulations to Matthew Goebel and Maxwell Lewis for winning the Focus comic Visual Artist of the Year award and trophy. Congratulations to Emmett Sturtz for winning the Focus comic Voice Artist of the year award and trophy. Congratulations to Bruno Pedicini for landing the latest trading card internship. Congratulations to Charlotte, Arrav, Bruno, Marlena and William for winning runner up prizes.

We look forward to presenting them with their prestigious awards on 30 December 2021 at the Focus comic winter festival award ceremony 2021. We will also celebrate the release of Bruno’s trading card on the same day.

Check out our students art submissions from the Focus comic free Winter festival for autistic and special needs kids:

We are proud to champion kids with special needs by developing their skills and promoting inclusion; diversity and equity in what we do.

Missed the winter festival but still want to participate in creating a drawing of Focus and friends? Watch this art tutorial created by Focus comics creator Yvonne Wan:

Class time needed : 2-3 hours depending on the child’s abilities

Art supplies needed: paper, pencil, ruler, eraser, marker and coloring pens or pencils.

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