Focus Comic Police Academy – Free Art Program Week 1

Over the weekend we successfully launched our 3 week Focus Comic Police Academy art program where kids get to draw police vehicles and learn about the role of the local police force in Avondale. Our students will learn how to draw Focus the autistic super hero in an Avondale police car and swat car. They will also have a special experience at Avondale Police station where they will meet their local police officers, take photos of the police cars and check out their special equipment. The kids will also receive police and focus gifts at graduation. We had 20 kids apply for this program. The classes are divided up by ability. There were group classes and one to one classes for those needing extra support. Please check out our website to learn more about our project supporting autistic and special needs kids.

Check our students art.

Missed our classes? Here’s the intermediate class tutorial on how to draw an Avondale police vehicle:

Here’s the beginners class tutorial :

Thank you to the city of Avondale for partially funding this this 3 week program through an arts grant. The gifts are from the local police force and Focus.