Congrats to Audrey and Jade for winning our Focus comic Kawaii food sketchathon 2023

We recently held a sketchathon. Our autistic and special needs contestants drew kawaii food in a timed contest using Wacom digital drawing devices for an opportunity to win cool rewards in support of autistic and special needs talent.

Congratulations to Audrey and Jade for winning our Focus comic 2023 Kawaii food sketchathon.

We handed out a broad range of rewards for our contestants including more Wacom digital drawing devices, vinyl stickers featuring our contestants art, and also tee shirts.

Other rewards included uptown alley bowling packages and Pentel acrylic markers.

Congratulations to our winners and contenders for the accomplishments in advancing their art (working with digital art under timed conditions).

Thanks to everyone for their support including our teachers Yvonne Wan and Douglas Hebert for helping the kids thrive through art.