Focus comic military vehicle art program Week 1

In celebration of autism awareness month, we launched a free 4 week military art program for autistic and special needs kids. We had 29 autistic and special needs students participate this week and we have more students joining the program in upcoming weeks. We held group and one to one classes online, and in person one to one classes to those in need of extra support. Check out their art and our students presentation skills:

Our students learned how to draw a US Marines #av8bharrier this week using pencils and markers. The technical drawing class incorporated maths, physics and geometry into the lesson plan. Our students learned how to pencil and ink their art comic style.

Missed the class? Here is the free video tutorial for you to enjoy courtesy of our Focus Comic Creator Yvonne Wan:

Here is the beginners tutorial:

The students look forward to graduating on April 27th, where they will meet their local heroes (military, veterans, first responders), receive gifts and complimentary food from the Habit Burger charmobile.

Love our free art camp? Please support us in any way you can. We love our #heroes and our students. We are still accepting new students for this program.