Focus Comic Luke Air Force Base Graduation Event Honoring Air Force Fire Fighter Msgt Ulibarri

Focus Comics held its graduation ceremony at Luke Air Force Base on Saturday June 1st 2024, in Arizona in celebration of our students completion of the Focus Comic US Air Force Hero Art program. The program included a zoom class where our autistic and special needs students met inspirational guest speaker MSgt Ulibarri and drew him as a comic character model to honor him for his service.

Here is a highlights film of the class:

We had 11 students participate on this Hero program. The students did amazingly well with their assignments using the Wacom digital drawing devices they received as gifts last year. Thank you MSgt Ulibarri for inspiring our students by participating in the Q&A session. We also thank him for his generosity with his time and words by giving our students positive feedback and encouragement. Thank you Yvonne Wan for converting the students art into custom certificate os achievements that resemble a Focus Comic cover:

We want to thank MSgt Ulibarri and Luke Air ForceBase for inviting us to celebrate our students graduation event at their Fire Station. Our students enjoyed their military adventure; receiving the Focus Comic certificates that resemble a Focus comic cover, Luke Air Base Fire Department gifts, and Royal Talens art supplies in celebration of their accomplishments.

Elijah, Eliamari and Mia were excited to achieve Student of the month status this month. They loved their King Art easel and Vesadesk ergonomic mat gifts as a special reward.

Our students loved the tour of the Fire Station, meeting their local heroes, exploring the world of fire fighters and learning how to operate a crash truck. We want to thank Luke Air Base for assigning a professional photographer to help capture our students special day.

We also want to thank The Sicilian Butcher for their hospitality in hosting our graduation lunch party in support of young autistic talent in the community. Many thanks to MSgt Ulibarri and everyone at Luke Air Force Base for their Service and for uplifting our students with this inclusive experience our students cannot get else where. Focus comics are proud to champion young autistic and special needs talent; super heroes and local heroes.

Here is one of our students testimonial about the Hero art program and her experience at Luke Air Base:

Here is a testimonial from her mother:

Here is a testimonial from Mike, combat veteran and father to 3 Focus comic students:

Here is a video of our students graduation party at The Sicilian Butcher:

We also want to wish Charlotte a happy birthday.

Missed our class? Here is the video tutorial on how to draw Focus the autistic super hero, Msgt Ulibarri and a US Air Force Crash Truck:

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