Focus comic free Lunar New Year art festival for autistic and special needs kids

Focus Comic held a free Lunar New Year art festival online this week, where our creator Yvonne Wan taught our students the art of sumi e painting; how to paint a tiger, learn about sustainability, the environment and the importance of animal conservation.

Art is a very powerful platform to educate young minds about the world we live in, as well as inspiring autistic and special needs kids how to fulfill their creative potential and express their ideas visually, where words can sometimes fail.

Sumi inking techniques have a long history in the world of fine arts and have a lot to add value in the world of comic book inking.

Check out this weeks highlights film and our students art. Our students did great!

If you missed the special sumi class, you can still participate by watching this online tutorial created by Yvonne Wan:

Class duration: 60 mins

Art supplies needed: sumi ink, sumi paper, sumi brushes, Japanese water colors, sumi paint pallette, pencil, eraser, glass of water. Optional: gel pen.

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