Focus Comic free art camp – Drawing Eyes – Week 30- Remote special

We are excited to announce that we are going to be doing a series of free online art tutorials on how to draw portraits. Our goal is to enable kids to fulfill their creative potential in the comfort of their own homes during the pandemic.

The free online art tutorials are taught by certified art teacher Douglas Hebert, and filmed and edited by Focus comic creator Yvonne Wan.

We have uploaded 3 art tutorials on how to draw eyes. The classes are geared towards three age categories, 6-9, 9-10, 10-13 years olds. The classes are aimed at beginners, so we teach the kids to draw the subject matter using basic shapes and building it from there.

All you need today is a pencil and piece of paper.

We will be uploading more tutorials soon.

The online art tutorials will continue beyond the portraits series if there is enough support and demand for the content.

If you would like what we are doing, then please support us in anyway you can.

Focus comic features one of the worlds first autistic super heroes, art by Marvel and DC comics talent, plus interns with autism. Books are available to buy online and at our retail partner stores. We also have Focus the autistic super hero tee shirts available for sale to.

How to draw an eye: Free art tutorial for 6-9 Year Olds

How to draw an eye: Free art tutorial for 9-10 Year Olds

How to draw an eye: Free art tutorial for 10-13 Year Olds

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