Focus comic free 5 week Lunar New Year art program: graduation event

Focus comic free art camp for autistic and special needs kids held a graduation event celebrating the accomplishments of our students for completing the 5 week lunar new year art program. The kids loved this immersive arts and culture program learning about different cultures, languages, visual and martial arts.

The students learned how to create dragon sculptures using Sculpey, create Sumi paintings of dragons (as it is year of the dragon), and lucky cats (cats are lucky in Asian culture). Our students also learned a new language by exploring the art of Chinese and Japanese calligraphy. Many thanks to Yvonne Wan, our Focus comic creator for organizing this program, teaching the kids and documenting the kids experience on the program through film and photography. The kids also enjoyed free catering at Island Burger and Robeks, and a free kung fu class with U Need Martial arts. Many thanks to SiFu Joe for sharing his talents and time with the kids and Focus comics. The kids also enjoyed receiving their graduation gifts and custom certificate of achievement that feature their art and resembles a Focus comic cover.

Check out our students art:

Check out our students certificate of achievements that resemble a focus comic cover:

We had 2 prize giving ceremonies for this Focus comic lunar new year art program.

Congratulations to our students of the month.

All our students loved their graduation gifts including Blick Art Materials (acrylic paints, drawing pads, coloring pencils); and Nishiki Japanese rice to celebrate the lunar new year and wish our students good health during the year of the dragon.

Many thanks to everyone for their support.

If you love what we are doing to support autistic and special needs kids in the community, please support us in any way you can. You can email our creator Yvonne Wan at [email protected]