Another letter from President Biden!

Our Creator Yvonne Wan recently sent our Focus comic students art work, in relation to the free military art program we did to the President of the United States. President Biden and Vice President Harris were delighted to receive our students art work that resembles a Focus comic cover. Our students art work are currently at the White House!

We are excited to share this letter with all our autistic and special needs students, so they can feel inspired to pursue the arts, change the future and make history.

We thank President Biden’s and Vice President Harris’s dedication to inspiring young minds by imparting their wisdom, kindness and love to others.

We encourage our students to frame a copy of this letter in their home as a reminder that their art made it to the White House and The President and Vice President wrote back with words of encouragement.

Many thanks to our Focus team and helpers for their continued support.

Want to support autistic and special needs kids through our project? Please reach out to our creator at [email protected] or support us in any way you can. Thank you.

#Diversity #Equity #Inclusion Matters.

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