US Coast Guard: Hero of the Year Award: Sara Pritchett

Focus Comics champions autistic and special needs kids, super heroes and local heroes. We are proud to announce that Sara Pritchett, an honorable USCG Veteran has been selected for this years Hero of the Year Award (2024), within the US Coast Guard category. We look forward to presenting her with our Focus Comics Hero of the year award Trophy on 27th April 2024 at our venue : Samurai comics store in Glendale at 10am. Sara will be one of our guest speakers that day along side other honorable heroes in the community.

Our Focus comic autistic and special needs students look forward to meeting Sara, and our local heroes at their military vehicle art graduation event in celebration of Autism acceptance month. Our hope is to include as many local heroes in our students class photo for 2024.

“I joined the United States Coast Guard in 2000 and attended boot camp at Cape May, New Jersey. I was following in the footsteps of my father who was in the Coast Guard in the 1950’s. I honorably retired from service in 2021at the rank of Chief Petty Officer. My rating was Gunners Mate and I was stationed at various units, over the years, to include high endurance cutters, armories, and heavy weather search and rescue stations. Some of my awards and qualifications include: Permanent Cutters Badge, Commendation medals, Achievement medals and Joint Special operation awards. My Husband retired from the Coast Guard after 24 years of service. Our youngest child was diagnosed with Autism in 2014, which quickly brought me to the realization that the hardest mission I’ve ever had is being his advocate daily in life.” Sara Pritchett

“The Focus Comics Hero awards is a celebration honoring local heroes for their courage; sacrifice, selfless service, patriotism, compassion and leadership. It is an honor to present this award to Sara Pritchett for embodying the values and ideals of the nation. Our Focus Comic autistic and special needs students look forward to meeting Sara in person. We want her and as many local heroes in our Class of 2024 photo. Focus Comics are proud to champion young autistic talent, super heroes and local heroes.” Yvonne Wan, Focus Comic Creator. Social Cultural Anthropologist.