New Comic Cover by Zoe Marie, our non verbal intern with autism

We are excited to share with you, the latest variant cover by our Focus Comic non verbal autistic intern Zoe Marie who is 7 years old! This is the second cover we are printing featuring her beautiful art. Many thanks to Douglas Hebert and Yvonne Wan our Focus Comic internship coaches for helping her fulfill creative potential. They did a great job teaching. Doug also did a great job inking her line art. Many thanks to Laetitia Lyzo for being such a great teaching assistant also. Many thanks to legendary Paul Mounts who works on Spider Man or continuing to bring joy to the lives of kids with special needs. Focus is one of the worlds first autistic super heroes and our mission is to maintain dignity for autistic individuals by removing the stigma associated with autism. We also champion autistic talent and support the arts. Like what we are doing? Please support our project by pre-ordering the book today, or donating to the project. We need your support. Thanks.

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