Meet Yvonne Wan our Focus comic Creator

Meet Yvonne Wan, our Focus comic creator, writer, artist and art teacher. Yvonne Wan is an award winning comic creator and artist with a passion for helping autistic and special needs kids fulfill their creative potential. Yvonne has a background as a certified social cultural anthropologist and film ethnography. She applies her expert knowledge in social cultural anthropology and the arts to devise effective communication plans to remove the stigma associated with autism and address systemic inequities through devising free art programs that include transformative social emotional learning. Yvonne is surrounded by a team of experts including Douglas Hebert who is an award winning comic artist and certified art teacher; and Theresa Deacon a special education teacher.

Focus comic features one of the worlds first autistic super heroes, art by professionals plus young autistic talent. It features a professional section plus a section for interns.

The project’s mission is to entertain readers, maintain dignity for autistic individuals by removing the stigma and champion autistic and special needs kids through the arts.

The book is available in English, French, Chinese, German and now Spanish! Yvonne believes positive representation in the media is important for everyone including autistic individuals. Yvonne also believes it is important to publish the book in multiple languages so kids and young adults from any country and background will have access to Focus the autistic super hero. Focus comic is an action adventure super hero comic that promotes a diverse culture of inclusion.

Our free art programs provide life enriching opportunities and experiences that autistic and special needs kids cannot get else where.

Check out the main Spanish comic cover featuring art by award winning comic creator and artist Yvonne Wan. Please order it in support of a great comic and social cause. We encourage you to order both the English and the Spanish issue so you can enjoy the book in both languages. Feel free to order the variant covers by our two autistic interns Bruno Pedicini and Matthew Goebel also!

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