Meet Bruno Pedicini, Focus comic’s 11 year old autistic comic art intern

Meet Bruno Pedicini, Focus comic’s 11 year old autistic art intern. Bruno is a Latino American artist who loves Focus, one of the world’s first autistic interns. Check out his variant cover for the Spanish issue of Focus comic. Bruno’s art appears on this variant cover, plus page 24 of the comic. Bruno enjoyed learning about comic art as part of his internship with Focus comic. Bruno enjoyed the process of telling a story through different panels. He did an awesome job completing his drawing assignment for Focus Comics. It is Bruno’s dream to become a professional comic artist and share his art and talents with the world.

Many thanks to Yvonne Wan (Focus comic creator, writer, artist and art teacher) and Douglas Hebert (Focus comic artist and art teacher) for teaching Bruno about the art of foreshortening and comic drawing. Yvonne had the pleasure of coloring Brunos art for the Spanish issue.

Please pre-order the Spanish issue featuring Brunos art by clicking here. Note: We recommend you order both the English and Spanish book so you can enjoy the book in both languages. The English book does not contain art by Bruno, but it does contain art by professionals plus other autistic interns.

Thank you for supporting Focus comic, which features art by professionals plus young autistic talent. The book features a main story by professionals, plus a section for young autistic art talent. Our projects mission is to entertain readers, maintain dignity for autistic individuals by removing the stigma and champion autistic and special needs kids through art.