Free ‘Focus Loves Tempe’ art program for Autistic and Special Needs Kids Week 2 Highlights

This week we are 2 weeks into our our free Focus loves Tempe program for autistic and special needs kids in Tempe. We ran multiple group classes over the weekend and the kids loved it!

What the kids learned this week:

In week 1 and 2 our students were introduced to the world of comics, from comic strips to comic books, animation to the big screens. Our students learned the role of comic strips in entertaining readers through telling a story through short panels. Our students were introduced to the basic components involved in creating a comic strip and were given a written Focus Comic script to translate into a 4 panel comic strip using pencils.

  • Introduction to comics strips
  • A brief history on the relationship between comic strips, comics, animations and movies. 
  • Telling a story through panels.
  • Panel planning. 
  • Theme. Character. Setting. 
  • Panel transition. Points of view.
  • How to draw comic panels
  • How to draw 4 panels.

Here is an example how the kids could interpret the script. The students were given the creative freedom to choose any animal they wanted to attack Focus in the story.

Check out the kids art! They are doing awesome! More art will be uploaded on this page as and when the parents send us the remaining scans.

This “Focus loves Tempe” five week art program is partially funded by a community arts grant from the City of Tempe.