Free ‘Focus Loves Arizona’ 5 week art program for Autistic and Special Needs Kids Week 2 Highlights Group BCD

We are two weeks into our ‘Focus love Arizona’ free 5 week art program for autistic and special needs kids.

This week we educated our students on how to draw the Phoenix Corporate Center from a 2 point perspective. We incorporated math and geometry into our lesson plan. We also taught our students how to depict happy emotions and feelings through kawaii style facial expressions. Our students explored inking and coloring methods in class to. Our students had fun.

Please check out their awesome art. We will be adding more scans of our students art on this page when the parents send us the remaining scans.

We very proud of our students skills and abilities.

Here is the class tutorial if you missed the zoom class:

Art supplies needed: Paper, pencil, ruler, markers and coloring pencils.

Time needed: 40-60 minutes depending on the childs abilities.

The ‘Focus loves Arizona’ 5 week free art program is funded by an art grant from Arizona Commission on the Arts.