Free Focus Art Summer Camp for kids and young adults with autism

Focus comic are proud to announce that we will be providing a free art summer camp experience for kids and young adults with autism.

We have booked Professional Sculptors with experience in teaching autistic kids and young adults for summer camp. We will provide 3 days of free clay sculpture workshops on June 1, June 2 and June 15.

Students will learn how to make Super Heroes and Magical Beasts during the mini summer camp. Magical beasts includes dragons.

On June 1st – We will be teaching how to make magical beasts using paper clay.

On June 2nd – We will be teaching how to make clay sculptures of super heroes. The students can portray themselves as a super hero, sculpt Focus the autistic super hero, or another superhero instead.

On June 15 – the students will return to paint their sculptures. The sculptures cannot be painted before hand, as the clay will need to dry and be fired first – or they will crumble.

All art materials will be supplied free of charge to the students.

Each project will take approximately 2 hours to sculpt on June 1+2 2019.

Each student can make up to 2 projects during summer camp.

It will take about an hour to paint each project.

The free Focus summer camp is for 3 days, 6 hours of project time per student.

Class starts at 1pm, Ends at 3pm on June 1, 2nd and 15.

The projects will be ready to take home on the 15th of June.

Food and drinks will be provided for free. Each student will get to take home a bag of free art supplies.

Registration in advance is required so we can plan the correct resources per student. To sign up for the Focus mini summer camp for kids and young adults with autism, please email [email protected] with the subject title: Focus Comic Summer Camp.

Information needed in the email:

  1. Name of the student.
  2. Age of the student.
  3. Which project(s) they are interested in (Super Heroes and/ or Magical Beasts);
  4. Any food allergies that we need to know about.
  5. Whether the parent/guardian will be staying during class.
  6. Parent’s/Guardians contact info and telephone number.

The location of the Focus mini summer camp is:

Desert Dragon Pottery Art School. 25037 N 17th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85085

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