Hero: Focus loves Tempe: Free online First Responder Vehicle Art Program for Autistic and Special Needs Kids / Youth

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How to apply: Please email [email protected] with the subject heading: Free comic art program for special needs kids in Tempe .

Last date to apply would be October 29th 2022.

Please provide the following info:

Students name:

Students age:

Parents name:

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City of residence:

Focus comic are proud to announce that they will be starting a new 7 week free comic art program on how to draw First Responder Vehicles. The online program is for special needs and autistic kids and youth in Tempe.

The First responder vehicle program is suitable for 6-17 year olds. The “Focus Loves Tempe: First responder vehicle” art program will take place every Sunday via online tutoring week 1-6. Each week our students will draw a different first responder vehicle. We will have an in person graduation ceremony where the students will receive their certificate of achievement featuring their art work, in week 7 at the fire station (where the fire trucks are located) in Tempe. The certificates will resemble a Focus comic cover. We will have the fire crew and Focus comic members (including Yvonne Wan the Creator) attending the in person graduation event. The Chief has been invited to present the certificates to our students. There will be gifts for the kids at the end of the program. This is a really great opportunity for students to meet and feel inspired by their local heroes, check out some fire engines and take some wonderful photos so they can remember their special day.

Focus comic features one of the worlds first autistic super heroes, professional comic talent plus autistic interns. Award winning Focus comic creator and artist Yvonne Wan will lead this art program with certified art teacher and professional Comic artist Douglas Hebert and Certified Special Education teacher Theresa Deacon. The Tempe students will receive a certificate of achievement bearing their art that resembles a Focus comic cover as a reward for completing the course.

Program for: Tempe Special needs and autistic kids / youth (Kids that reside in Tempe, or have educational/therapy services in Tempe).

Ages: 6-17.

Cost: Free

When: Each Sunday online on Zoom. Students will be allocated either the 2pm time slot or the 4pm time slot.

Duration: 7 weeks: 6 zoom classes plus one in person event where our students will receive their certificate of achievement. Optional additional support is available if needed. Each zoom class is 40minutes in duration.

Start date: September 25th 2022. – Students can join the program any time during the program. Last date to sign up is October 29 2022.

Where: Online art tutorials via zoom for week 1-6. The in person event at Tempe Fire Medical Rescue department will be on November 6th, 2pm at Station 6 located at 655 S. Ash Ave in Tempe.

The in person event at the Fire station will be on: November 6th 2022. 10am. Tempe Fire Medical Rescue department Station 6. at 655 S. Ash Ave. Tempe.

Program guide:

Week 1: Fire engine
Week 2: Police car
Week 3: Police Motorcycle
Week 4: Sheriff’s Lake Patrol boat
Week 5: State Trooper Air rescue helicopter
Week 6: Ambulance

Each week our students will be taught how to draw Focus the autistic superhero, and themselves alongside a first responder vehicle comic style. Our students will be taught step by step on how to draw the vehicle through an online zoom class. Our students will learn technical drawing skills including how to depict different emotions/facial expressions through super hero characters.

Art supplies needed: Paper, Mechanical pencil, Eraser, Long and short Ruler, Thin and thick black markers.

Please scan your art and email it to the teacher by the end of the next day (Monday).

Additional one to one feedback classes are available by appointment to the students for those needing extra support. 

Our Tempe students will be presented with their certificate of achievement featuring their art that resembles a Focus comic cover as a digital reward for students completing the course successfully. Graduates attending the in person event will be presented with a special gift courtesy of Focus comic and, the Fire Medical Rescue Department. There will be bonus gifts courtesy of super star car wash.

This 7 week “Focus Comic Loves Tempe: First Responder Vehicle” art program is partially funded by a City of Tempe – Community Arts Grant.