Focus comic free 5 week military art program for autistic and special needs kids & young adults: Art Exhibit & Graduation Event

Focus Comics free 5 week art program for autistic and special needs kids and young adults. Graduation Day. Class of 2022

Congratulations to our Focus comics free 5 week art program graduates! We are proud to champion autistic and special needs kids and young adults through comic art.

Check out the graduation highlights film:

Our students learned how to draw Focus the autistic super hero, themselves and military vehicles as part of this fun art program. Our students art was on display for the public at the art exhibition and graduation ceremony. Collectively our students created approximately 100 pictures during the 5 week program:

Our creator colored our students art and converted it into a certificate of achievement that resembles a comic cover:

Check out the graduation presentation film that was exhibited to our guests at the event:

The students were excited to receive their certificates and prizes over the weekend. We invited Special Guest Technical Sergeant Michael Brideau to attend the event to present the certificates and prizes to our students, and to also teach the students how to salute. Our students had fun and they enjoyed their sprouts cookies and milk.

The kids were excited to attend their art exhibition and graduation event over the weekend.

Check out the event pictures here:

The kids cant wait to use their Blick art supplies. Thanks to everyone for supporting us including sprouts who gave the kids cookies at the event. Want to support autistic and special needs kids through our project? Please support us anyway you can. Please remember to recommend Focus comics to all your friends and family. Our comics feature art by professionals, and it includes a community section for our autistic interns.