Focus Fire Academy Program

Focus Comics had the pleasure of teaching its autistic and special needs students how to draw Focus the autistic super hero and an Avondale Fire Truck as part of a 2 week Focus Fire academy art program. There were two workshops, easy and standard. Our students did great. Check out their art and presentation skills:

Check out our students line art. Our Focus comic creator cleaned some of the line art so it would translate better when colored:

Our students look forward to their in person class at the Avondale Fire station where they will learn more about the fire truck they drew, take photos of themselves in the fire truck and meet their local heroes. They will also tour the fire station, learn about fire safety and engage in fun activities. We look forward to graduating our students this Saturday morning.

Our Creator Yvonne Wan had the pleasure of coloring the students art professionally so it looks like a comic cover. She looks forward to printing them, and exhibiting the certificates at the fire station.

If you missed the program, please find below the video tutorial:

This 2 week Focus Fire academy art program is funded by an Avondale Art scholarship from the City of Avondale. We want to thank them for supporting autistic and special needs kids in the community.