Focus comics community outreach : Brighton Charter school

Our Focus comic creator Yvonne WAN was honored to be a guest speaker at Brighton Charter School as part of their international day – China edition. Thank you Mr. Lubick and Ms. Rae for the opportunity to impart cultural knowledge with their students. Yvonne introduced the kids to the world of comic creation and how comics can promote diversity and inclusion through powerful story telling.

Yvonne Wan who is a world renowned international comic creator of Hong Kong descent, taught the kids how to paint a Chinese dragon using Sumi ink and traditional rice paper. The kids learned a bit about the history of Chinese inking practices and how it has evolved in its application in the comic industry. Focus comic includes diverse super heroes of different races, and it includes Chinese wood dragon mythology.

Here are some of the students art work.

Thank you Brighton Charter school for promoting diversity, equity and inclusion through its programming.