Focus comic loves Tempe graduation ceremony

Congratulations to class of 2021 for successfully completing the free Focus comic loves Tempe art course.

Here is a highlights film of all the students art. We are proud to champion young artists with special needs:

Our special needs students presented their super hero art during the graduation ceremony. Our creator Yvonne Wan colored the students art digitally as a reward. We presented our students with their certificate of achievement bearing the students art. The certificate resembles an official Focus comic cover.

Our students expressed their excitement in successfully completing the course during class.

Here are samples of our students art. Our students drew themselves as super heroes along side Focus and a bank robber against a Tempe one point perspective landscape background (Hole in the rock):

Our students also learned how to draw a two point perspective building of Tempe City Town hall:

We also presented each student a customised certificate of achievement and 5 gold stars for the efforts and awesome artistry. The certificate resembles a Focus comic cover! The kids loved seeing their art professionally colored!

This five week Tempe art program is partially funded by a City of Tempe community arts grant.