Focus comic Kawaii Food art graduation event

Over the weekend, we had our Focus comic graduation event at NYPD Pizza in Avondale. We celebrated our students completion of our Septemberthon art programming.

Check out our graduation highlights film:

In September our students learned how to draw kawaii food, design concepts for fashion items and food packaging. Our students learned a variety of mediums including digital art and how to use Pentel acrylic markers.

Our students loved their graduation gifts , certificate of achievements featuring their art, and the opportunity to become little chefs for the day!

Congratulations to Vanessa for being our student of the month. She loves her Wacom digital drawing device gift and Pentel acrylic marker gifts.

Our students loved their custom tee shirt, ball cap and sticker rewards featuring their art; they also look forward to using their Pentel coloring marker gifts, and Wild Bills mugs.

We are proud to champion young autistic and special needs talent.

Check out some of our graduation photos from over the weekend on our Facebook page. Many thanks NYPD pizza for their kind hospitality in providing a great venue and complimentary pizza making kits for our graduates.

We also want to congratulate Audrey and Jade for winning our latest sketchathon! They love their prize gifts!

Lastly, check out our students shoe art! Our students wore their shoe projects at graduation and loved showing them to their class mates, friends and family.

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