Focus Comic Holiday Cards by Autistic and Special Needs Kids

This week we held a special workshop in digital illustration and graphic design. Our students enjoyed enhancing their knowledge of digital art drawing using the Wacom Drawing device gifts they received!

Our creator Yvonne Wan, who formerly worked at Cartoon Network and Ogilvy; lead the special workshop. Our students received a creative brief on how to create an official Focus holiday card featuring Focus the autistic super hero and a pet! Our students learned how to interpret a creative brief, how to plan their ideas and implement it digitally. They learned the importance of setting up the correct digital canvas for printing and had fun inking and coloring their art to. The students used a pastel color pallette unifying this years 2023 Holiday cards.

We look forward to printing these holiday cards and delivering them to our students in person!

We are proud to champion young autistic and special needs talent.

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