Focus comic free water and ink graduation event

[Above: Online Zoom Classes: We held multiple group and one to one classes on zoom throughout the Lunar New Year festival for this Water and Ink program.]
[Above: Our Graduates loved attending the in person event to celebrate their accomplishments.]

Congratulations Class of 2023. We had 18 students participate in our Focus Comic free Water and Ink art program in celebration of the Lunar New Year.

This year, our students learned how to draw a rabbit using traditional water and ink techniques. Comic inking is rooted in the fine arts, and so this particular program helped our students learn techniques to advance their art. The program was designed to help our students create art using a new medium, enhance their fine motor skills, gain an introduction to the history of art, learn about diverse societies and cultures and wild life. This visual and performing arts program was a fantastic experience for our students which combined the benefits of online and in person learning. The kids felt inspired by their experiences and realizing their creative potential and abilities. They also loved the opportunity to make new friends.

Check out our students art exhibit which was featured at the Venue in Avondale, and also currently featured on our digital platforms:

The graduation event was a fantastic cultural experience for our students. Our creator Yvonne Wan, was honored to teach our students the art of traditional lion dancing which combines martial arts (sport) and dance (performing arts). Yvonne has Lau Gar Kung fu training, and Lion dance team experience.

Check out the highlights film (1min):

Many thanks to 9 Dragons Lion Team in Phoenix for loaning us the Lion Head.

Here is the extended graduation film (4 minute clip):

Yvonne gifted the students traditional lucky red envelopes containing lucky money in celebration of the new year.

[Lucky red envelopes are traditionally gifted to children by adults during the Lunar New Year Festival.]

We also had Chinese New Year appetizers for the kids and family to experience, and complimentary gifts for our graduates including Winsor Newton art supplies and Blick Acrylic paints.

Check out our students certificates of achievements featuring their art:

Here are some of the event photos from the weekend. Please visit our facebook page for more pictures in higher resolution.

[Anayah, one of our autistic students receiving her custom certificate of achievement featuring her art, plus gifts and lucky red envelope.]

Here is a digital art exhibition of our students art:

We are proud to champion young autistic and special needs talent and promote a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Many thanks to Yvonne Wan (Certified social cultural anthropologist, Award winning artist and Focus creator) and Douglas Hebert (certified art teacher, Award winning artist) for teaching the students on this free art program. Many thanks to our support team (a certified art teacher, certified special education teachers, certified psychology teacher and certified social cultural anthropologist) who came out to support our students at the graduation event.

Thank you AJK Chinese Cuisine for providing complimentary Chinese New Year food (Spring rolls, egg rolls, fortune cookies, Chinese New Year Candy) for our students and their families. Thank you 9 Dragons Lion Team for loaning the lion head and gifting our students lion stickers. Thank you to our team of professionals for making this event an inspirational experience for our autistic and special needs students.

Love what we do? Please support us in any way you can. Thank you.