Focus Comic Free Military free art program Graduation event

Over the weekend, we held our Focus comic free military art program graduation event in celebration of autism awareness month and neuro-diversity.

Please check out the above highlights film, showcasing our students art and accomplishments.

We had 17 autistic and special needs students participate in this free month long program, where our students learned how to draw military vehicles (The F16, The Ch47 and Robot dog). Our students were taught technical drawing skills that incorporated math, physics and geometry (Our students learned how to draw using the grid system). Our students also learned about color application, methodologies and techniques, and also worked on their communication and art presentation skills.

Many thanks to Yvonne Wan (Creator, writer and artist of Focus comics ) and Douglas Hebert (Certified art teacher, and professional comic artist) for teaching our students. Thank you Ms Goldie, our Special Education teacher for providing support.

Our students loved receiving their US Army and Focus comic gifts. They also loved their custom certificate of achievements that feature their art, and resembles a Focus comic cover. They also enjoyed the complimentary catering and hospitality at Parrys Pizzeria in Avondale.

Check out our students certificate of achievements that resemble a Focus comic cover:

Check out our students art:

Check out our students Art exhibit:

Check out our class of 2023 photo for the Focus comic Military art program:

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Thanks to everyone at the event for supporting our students with their accomplishments. We are proud to champion kids with autism and special needs.

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