Focus comic free art camp online special week 42

Did you know our head art teacher is a certified art teacher, has a special interest in animal conservation and is also an award winning artist?

He recently educated kids in Beaverton for free about local wildlife, a bit about conservation and how to draw animals cartoon style thanks to the Beaverton Arts program. The classes were in the format of zoom classes and they are also available to the general public in the format of an online art tutorial.

We are delighted to share this public art tutorial for you to enjoy. Please visit should you wish to learn more about Douglas Heberts professional art background.

In this weeks class, you will learn how to draw Mr Owl, Miss Frog and a pine tree.

What you will need for this class: Pencil, paper, ruler, marker (thin and thick), eraser, sharpener, crayons, and optional fork to scrape the wax as a special effect.

Class duration: 40 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the child’s abilities.

Our intern Eli loved drawing Miss frog in particular
Our intern Sylvan loved drawing Mr Owl in the tree!

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