Focus comic free art camp – Lunar new year art program

Today we launched our free Lunar new year art program where our autistic and special needs students will learn about different calendars, different societies, languages, traditions and cultures through different styles of visual art, mediums, food and performing arts.

This program has already started. If you are interested in joining this program, you can still join us for the remaining classes by applying for a spot at: [email protected]

How to apply: Please provide your childs name, age, your city of residence, your name and your email address and your contact number. The deadline to apply is before January 27th. The group class for the Lunar new year program takes place each Sunday at 2pm through to Feb 10 2024. Individual in person classes are by appointment only.

In celebration of the Year of the Dragon, our creator Yvonne Wan taught our students on January 14th and January 15th, how to create a 3d wood dragon using Sculpey polymer clay. The students used the art supplies that were gifted to them at our Christmas artist of the year award party.

Did you know wood dragons are featured within issue one of Focus comics as it includes Chinese mythology within the storyline?

Class highlights:

Missed the class? Here is class tutorial. Many thanks to our creator Yvonne Wan for creating this professionally made video tutorial.

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Our Lunar new year graduation event takes place Feb 10 where our students will receive their certificates of achievements, gifts, food and a free kung fu class. Our students parents are also invited to participate in the complimentary kung fu workshop which Ms Yvonne Wan has organized so that our students can create good childhood memories with their parents.

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Happy New Year!