Focus comic free art camp for kids with special needs week 79

We are 79 weeks into our Focus comic free art camp for special needs kids. This week, we taught our students how to draw dynamic comic panels, and special comic effects such as speedlines, speech bubbles and splatters. Our students also learned about lettering and how to get the letters the same size. The class incorporates a bit of arithmetic, graphic design and learning a bit about signs and symbols. Our students were excited to gain valuable skills in creating comic strips, and they enjoyed the opportunity to enhance their inking, coloring and presentation skills.

Here is this week’s highlights film:

If you was unable to join us this week, here is the online art tutorial:

The art supplies you will need this week include:

Paper, Pencil, Eraser, Ruler, Marker and Coloring pencils.

Check out our students art:

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