Focus comic free art camp : In person and Online Custom Shoe workshop

Art can be seen everywhere in our daily lives, such as comic books, tee shirts, cereal boxes, pizza boxes, soda cans and shoes! There are many career professions our students could pursue within the arts, including the option of becoming a comic artist or famous shoe designer.

This week we taught our Focus comic free art camp students how to plan and create their own custom shoes using paint markers. Our students generated and conceptualized artistic ideas and work by sharing their thoughts with their class mates, drawing initial design sketches on paper, and implementing the art work on white canvas shoes using paint markers. The kids had fun implementing art on 3d surfaces using a new medium. Check out our students art. Our students enjoyed presenting their art work to the class and felt encouraged by the positive feedback they received from our Teaching Artist and Focus Comic creator Yvonne Wan. Check out our students art:

Our students enjoyed using their Pentel paint marker gifts. What we love about paint markers in general? You can paint on the go without the mess. Brushes, water and napkins aren’t needed and you don’t need to clean your art supplies afterwards. Paints dry faster, and the nibs guarantee line consistency in terms of width compared with brushes. There are countless benefits with paint markers, such as consistency with shade. So give them a try!

Missed our class? Here is the workshop tutorial for everyone to participate:

Our students recently wore their designer shoes at our graduation event. Our students were excited to showcase their talents:

We are proud to champion young autistic and special needs talent. Love our project? Please support us in any way you can. Feel free to order a copy of Focus comics which features one of the worlds autistic super heroes and young autistic talent. You may also reach out to our creator if you like: [email protected]