Focus Comic Community out reach and exhibit at the IDEA museum in Mesa Arizona

Focus comic had an amazing community outreach event at the IDEA museum in Mesa Arizona over the weekend.

Yvonne Wan, the creator of Focus comic and her Focus team provided free art workshops to its attendees for the full event. The kids learned about the comic book, and how to color Focus the autistic super hero for free, and learned how to draw Focus using a digital drawing device. We had over 45 winners at the event, who walked away with free Focus comic art prints and their art engraved on a custom metal certificate of achievement:

Attending the event was 9 autistic and special needs Focus Comic Calendar interns who exhibited their calendar art of Focus the autistic super hero. The kids did the art with the support of Ms Yvonne Wan, who provided the kids one to one in person digital drawing classes in completing their assignments.

The kids gained work experience as artist interns by presenting their art to the public, gaining feedback from the general public, and drawing Focus the autistic super hero at a live public drawing session for the public to see their amazing talents. The kids engaged in STEAM activities at the event and had their art engraved onto a metal certificate of achievement to mark the completion of their Focus comic art internship at the IDEA museum.

Check out our students internships:

We want to thank the general public for giving positive feedback to our young autistic and special needs interns during Developmental disability month. The kids enjoyed receiving positive feedback and encouragement from the public and felt inspired to continue with their passion for the arts. The kids truly benefitted from building their self confidence and self esteem from this internship opportunity. 85% of autistic individuals with a college degree are unemployed. We want to change this statistic by providing free child development services and work experience opportunities to give these kids valuable skills and experiences to navigate through life more successfully. We also want to give our students a great childhood by giving them experiences they cannot get else where.

We used the F1 laser engraver to engrave the children’s art onto metal certificate of achievements.

We want to thank the IDEA museum for supporting autistic and special needs kids, creativity and child literacy through our project.

If you would like to support our Focus project and free art camp for autistic and special needs kids, please feel free to order a comic book or our Focus comic calendar, reach out to us, or donate a cash gift so we can do more in the community.