Focus comic art exhibition: Championing kids with autism and special needs

We are celebrating autism awareness month by showcasing art produced at our Focus comic free art camp for kids with autism. Please view the online exhibit on our Facebook page. Hit like on your favorite pieces of art. We would like to thank everyone for their support. Please help us in any way you can. #championingkidswithspecialneeds

Here is a small selection of art from the online exhibit. Please view our Facebook page to view all 260 images as part of this online exhibition. We would like to thank Focus comic creator Yvonne Wan for volunteering approximately 87 hours in photographing and photoshopping the kids art for this online exhibition. We also give special thanks to Yvonne Wan for organizing over 29 free classes for kids with special needs. We thank the art teachers: Douglas Hebert, Yvonne Wan, Elisha, Crystal and Josiah Perry, Corinna Repucci, Mishy Katz plus the occupational therapists and aba therapists for assisting the kids fulfill their creative potential.

Please view the complete online exhibit on our Facebook page.

Our student Eli having cereal from
his zombie brain bowl.
Our student Eli loves the name plaque he made at our free art camp for kids with autism.

Here is a short film showing some of the best sculptural pieces of art from our art camp:

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